April 17

The Agony of Medium Curation

Screaming. (Image Credit: Alessandro Bellone/Unsplash)

It’s 5 AM. I just spend the better part of the morning writing a piece I really liked, a thought experiment on the decline of humanity. You can read it here.

It wasn’t just canned political commentary that, while I think has value, exists in an over saturated market.

I crafted it, and promptly, it was rejected by Medium curators, now doomed to reach less than 100 readers. Pending some crazy viral incident, which I doubt – it’s not the kind of piece.

Big sigh!

But this comes off the heels of realizing, even new, I’m making about $14 an hour writing. Even if it’s half that – that’s a part time job. And I am still just beginning.

The key is persistence. Knowing that each article is one more article. Trusting in the law of averages, and the certainty of growth that comes with commitment.

But some nights, its deflating.